2019 Workshops & Panels

The 2019 Boston Kids Comics Festival will offer several free, educational and exciting workshops for children between the ages of five to twelve as well as for parents, educators and librarians. Our workshops aim at a full immersion experience in the art of creating and choosing comics.

We are asking that parents accompany their children at the workshops. No registration necessary. If your kids are interested in a particular workshop, make sure to get to the workshop room early so they don’t miss out. Workshops can accommodate 25-30 children, panels around 70.

We are still working on the full schedule but here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming:


Aya Rothwell – How do birds work? Bird Anatomy for Artists and Naturalists

Marika McCoola – Comics in the Classroom and “One Page Mini-Comic”

L-J Baptiste – Crafting Cartoons

John Lechner – Draw an Animal Comic

Tak Toyoshima – Pass the Panel: Collaborative Comic Creation

Dan Moynihan – Don’t Think, Just Draw

Jason Viola / Zack Giallongo – Ice Cold Comics

Wondermore – My real life Super Hero is….

Scribblitt – Publish your own Comics


A. David Lewis – Activist Comics

Band of Heroes – Meet some of your favorite comic book superheroes!

Ask an Art School Graduate – a panel if you’re thinking of going to art school