Comics for Kids!
As a literary and alternative comics fan, I adore the sophisticated comics that cartoonists are writing for adults and young adults. But often, when you attend alternative comics expos, you have to shield your kids’ eyes from a lot of the material because of its x-rated or gruesome imagery.

Calling Kids, Creators, Educators and Friends!
As a cartoonist who believes that comics can capture the complex emotional life of kids, I want to help curate a comics show that’s safe for children that range from early readers to age 12. Comics and graphic novels have become very popular with kids, libraries and publishers, and many parents and teachers crave a resource for what would fit their young readers’ interests. Come visit us in April and sign up for our social media posts to get news and links to great comics, graphic novels and hybrid-books for kids!

If you’re a creator, educator, or friend of kids comics who wants to exhibit, volunteer, or help sponsor the fest, email us at bkcfest@gmail.com.

–Jonathan Todd
Boston Kids Comics Fest co-organizer